Behavior Plan

Polk Elementary

Being safe, respectful, and responsible are our school’s and classroom’s guidelines and expectations. At all times students at Polk are required to follow these basic guidelines. If not followed there are consequences.
Below is our classroom card system. Students will be eligible each month to earn Polk’s End of the Month Reward. Any student that remains on green all month or has flipped their card to yellow two times or less will earn the monthly behavior reward. For students that have had to flip their card three or more times yellow or beyond (colors) in one month will not be able to attend Polk’s monthly behavior reward.
Purpose: To help students monitor and self correct their behavior and make appropriate choices in the classroom.

Explanation of Program:
Students have been assigned a number. On a wall there is a chart that contains a corresponding number pocket with colored cards: green, yellow, orange, and red. Student privileges will be based on the color he/she is on during the day (losing recess and/or privileges).

Green card: Each day students start out with a green card, which means the student is demonstrating appropriate behaviors and decision-making. The student is allowed to participate in all classroom activities.

Yellow card: 1st flip: Verbal warning. Student is demonstrating inappropriate behaviors such as talking, interrupting, not working as assigned, or not in seat. Child must correct own behavior at this time. Five minutes of recess is lost.

Orange card: 2nd flip: Student continues to have difficulty correcting behavior. The student will be missing ½ of his/her recess time and will have to fill out a consequence sheet.

Red card: 3rd flip: A call is made or a note is sent home. Student is sent to the principal’s office.

*** Severe clause: Sent to principal. Have a conference with the teacher, parent, and principal.