2nd Grade Info

 Classroom Information  


8:15- Entry bell

8:20- Tardy bell

3:05- Dismissal bell

 SNACK:  Starting tomorrow your child can bring a snack to eat during our classroom snack time.  Snacks should be packed separate from their lunch and need to be nutritious.  Some good snacks would be carrots, banana, celery, apple, grapes, granola bar, baggie of cheerios, crackers, raisins, etc.  I do not allow students to eat anything that would be considered a “treat” such as cookies, donuts, candy, gummy snacks or fruit roll-ups.

 I also allow students to bring a water bottle to drink throughout the day.  If they become a problem, I may ask students to stop bringing them.  Water bottles should not contain juice. 

 READING: We use Daily 5 to integrate reading, writing and word work.  Daily 5 is a structure that helps students develop the daily habits of reading, writing, and working independently that will lead to a lifetime of literacy independence.

 **In addition, students will be participating in the Accelerated Reader Program (a comprehension test on a book the student has read).

 WRITING: Writing is integrated into our Daily 5 literacy time, but we will also be participating in a Writers Workshop.  By writing from knowledge, this helps the children learn the whole writing process.  Areas we will focus on will be planning, writing in paragraphs, letter writing, poetry, research, and magazine articles. In addition, we will also be working on comparative writing by pulling from two different texts. 

 SPELLING:  The spelling program in my room is very different from “traditional” spelling lists and tests. Through my experience teaching I have come to understand that children all learn at different speeds and in different ways.  That is why I have used a self-paced, individualized program for the past few years.  Soon you will get a spelling packet that will explain in much more detail how these individualized spelling lists work in my room, and just how to go about studying and preparing for tests.

 MATH:  The students will be introduced to many new elements of math this year as well as build on some of the skills they were introduced to last year.  We will begin the year with a review of addition and subtraction.  Some other topics we will cover this year include:  grouping hundreds, tens, and ones, adding and subtracting hundreds, tens and ones, time and money, measurement, fractions, and even multiplication and division towards the end of the year.  Tests will be given at the end of each unit.  Math Home Links pages will be given Monday-Thursday and are expected to be turned in the following day.

  **In addition, knowing math facts is a big part of the second grade math curriculum.  Extra drill practice with addition and subtraction facts could always be done with any “extra” time families might have in the car or waiting at the doctor’s office.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Our Social Studies is divided into five units.  These units include: Our Community, All About Earth, Our Past, All About Work, and Our Government.  We will also begin Social Studies with a short introductory unit on Freedom.  Test will be given at the end of each unit.  From time to time, we will send home Social Studies projects as homework.  These projects will be applied to your child’s Social Studies grade.

 SCIENCE:  This year we will study about matter, and the properties of solids, liquids and gases.  We will also be learning all about earth matter in the forms of Pebbles, Sand and Silt.  Later this year students will learn about Plants, and about Balance and Motion.  We will be using Science Kits again this year.  These kits provide a wonderful hands-on experience for all students.

 PAPER PACKS & HOME FOLDERS:  Every day your child will be expected to bring back and forth from home to school their HOME FOLDER (which I will mark).  In this folder you will find any homework or unfinished class work that your child will be expected to complete and return the next day.  You will also find notes as well as your child’s PBS behavior calendar for the month.  Please look through the folder each night with your child, as well as send back the appropriate papers each day.  Make it a routine to repack their folder together each night and place it in the backpack for the next day.  Of course, we will be doing the same thing at school for home.

 HOMEWORK:  Homework is usually given Monday- Thursday and expected to be sent back the next day. Students will have one day to complete the homework assignment unless otherwise noted on the homework sheet.  In addition, if a lesson is not completed during the day, it is to be taken home and finished that same evening.  This should be returned to school the following day. 

 BIRTHDAYS:  We like to celebrate birthdays in our room.  However to go along with our PE-NUT healthy living program, we are asking that you make birthday treats no edible, such as pencils, pens, bubbles or erasers

 BOOK ORDERS:  Once a month I will be sending out book order forms from Scholastic Book Clubs.  I will usually send home the forms on Friday.  If you wish to order any books, book orders will be due on the following Friday. 

**Also, please make your payment by check to the book club.  If you are ordering from both book clubs, one check may be written.

 FINALLY, I will be sending home weekly informational notes regarding what we are doing in school.  I will keep you informed regarding your child’s progress so that we may work together to make this a successful year for everyone.