Polk Elementary 

Guidelines for Behavior

Being safe, respectful, and responsible are our school and classroom’s guidelines and expectations.  At all times students are required to follow these basic guidelines.  If not followed there are consequences. 

Below is our classroom card system.  PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY.  Student behavior is monitored every day closely.  For students’ that are on green all month or have flipped their card no more than three times to yellow have earned Polk’s monthly behavior reward.  For students that have had to flip their card more than three times to yellow or beyond (colors) will not be able to attend Polk’s monthly behavior reward.     

GREEN: Your card was not flipped at all during the day… GREAT JOB!

YELLOW:  1st flip—verbal warning and 5 minutes of recess is lost. 

ORANGE:  2nd flip—½ of your recess is lost and fill out consequence sheet.

RED:  3rd flip—entire recess is lost and you will be writing a letter home explaining your behavior which will be signed and returned the next school day.

*If inappropriate behavior continues the student will be sent down to the office to speak with Mr. Brenton.