Renee' Bozinovski

Hello My Name Is...

Renee Bozinovski

Hello there and welcome to Mrs.Bozinovski's fourth grade web-site... Within the contents of these pages, you will explore many innovative topics such as a detailed teacher introduction, educational philosophy, curriculum based activities as well as updates on current events in our classroom.

Allow me to introduce myself... My name is Renee’ Bozinovski, and I will be your child’s new fourth grade teacher here at Polk Elementary. I began my journey as a substitute teacher in the district twelve years ago, until January of 2005 when I was offered a contract as the new fourth grade teacher at Pardee Elementary. Throughout my time here at District #7, I have had the great opportunity to visit a colorful array of elementary classrooms, while witnessing creativity and education at its best.

As a classroom teacher, I believe my foremost responsibilities include providing all children with a positive, accepting, and academically stimulating environment that address the many types of student’s learning styles. In doing so, I believe it is essential to exercise a classroom management plan, in which all students learn the life-skill of responsibility by taking ownership for their own actions. In following this plan, students will draw connections between rules and laws as they prepare for life outside classroom doors. Please take a few moments to go over our classroom rules with your child. If possible, ask them what they would like to accomplish in fourth grade. You may even want to help them set some personal goals for the year.

As you know, Polk has set out to make a positive change this year. With the switching of classses for subject-area learning, we hope to stregthen students academic learning experience, while preparing them for their middle school adventure shortly ahead. Travelling between four classrooms for daily instruction, our 4th and 5th graders will comfortably begin and end the day with their home-room teacher.

Openly expressing my passion for writing, I set out to awaken students’ inner author as their classroom writing coach. Starting our journey with a colorful collection of genres (including Myth, Legends, Fantasy, Mystery etc.) students will learn to breathe life into new stories, while passing along stories of old. Amongst our travels, we will sharpen our skills on setting a purpose for our stories, as we familiarize ourselves with the writing process.  Making a stop off at what I like to refer to as “Poetry Park”, together we shall practice rhyming and figurative language in the playful world of poetry. Enhancing the written message, one of our visits will focus on how to skillfully exhibit personal style through routine writing practice.
Due to the modeled instruction required of our writing exercises, I ask that you please make note, that although there will be little routine homework (outside that of incomplete class work as well as occasional projects and presentations) I do expect that students review and share with parents at home. This process will allow not only for solid reinforcement of student learning but also help to keep you in tune with current classroom curricular events.

I believe in keeping open lines of communication. So, please feel free to contact me at school if a question, comment, or concern may arise. By working together, we can ensure the success of your child. Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation. I look forward to speaking with you soon!